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BATALJ Is a Turn-Based Action Strategy Title Coming from Fall Damage Studio

BATALJ is Swedish for “Combat”, and it’s a nod to Fall Damage founders’ experience in AAA FPS titles. BATALJ however, is an online turn-based action strategy game for PC where playrs face off in battle with custom-built squads. Skill and strategy will be the key to see who comes out on top in this battles. The game boasts several unique mechanics and an action-packed art-style, promising to be a fresh addition to the stratetic turn-based genre. When playing, both the player and their opponent plan their combat actions simultaneously. When the planning phase is complete the players head into the action phase and watch how their strategy plays out, revealing if the player or their opponent is the mastermind who outsmarted and outplayed the other.

“With BATALJ we wanted to take a whole new approach to the genre.” says Markus Nyström, Creative Director at Fall Damage. “We focused on making it as accessible as possible without sacrificing depth. The players will realize that they have endless options to mix and match units in their squad, trying out different lineups will be both exciting and challenging.”.

BATALJ is presently in Closed Beta for PC, but they are welcoming new players who sign up on their website.

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