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Skyforge – Distant Frequencies Expansion Will Feature New ‘Soundweaver’ Class’s next expansion for MMORPG Skyforge is scheduled for December 11th, and it’s called “Distant Frequencies”.  With this expansion to the action MMO will come a brand new support class, that uses music to inspire its allies: The Soundweaver. Capable of raining down powerful sounds upon their enemies with portable loudspeakers, they can also amp up their allies’ morale. Fiery guitar solos and awesome sounds await with this class, included with the December 11th update. It will arrive on December 12th for the Playstation 4 and the 13th for Xbox One. The expansion will contain hints of larger things at play. A strange gravitational phenomenon occurred in space and players will be able to take part in the investigation of its origins. This investigation needs to be completed before tackling the interstellar campaign coming in 2019.

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