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Lineage 2: Revolution Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Netmarble is proud to see their latest MMORPG, Lineage 2: Revolution has reached 30 million players over its year of content. To celebrate they released an infographic sith a wealth of interesting information behind it, to show off just what has been done in game since the initial launch. Netmarble is also giving out surprise gifts to all players of the game. From November 29th to December 26th, players will receive in-game items involving the game’s recently updated collaboration features. Below are some of the interesting notes from the infographic video:

  • Since launch, over 17,500,000 characters have joined the fight – that’s more than twice the population of New York City! The character races ranked in popularity are:
    • Dark Elf: 6,478,000
    • Human: 5,658,000
    • Elf: 3,396,000
    • Dwarf: 1,695,000
    • Orc: 309,000
  • There are now over 348,000 clans and the clan with the highest combat power is Yangire (as of November 5th, 2018)
  • Ramog has been defeated in the Temporal Rift 16,640,500 times. Clearly, he’s made the players very angry!
  • 63,000,000 World Bosses have been defeated
  • The most popular mounts are Silver Saint, Steam Beatle and Kukurin
  • Over 100,000 players have taken the battlefield in a Fortress Siege (50vs50 PvP mode)
  • Since the introduction of Castle Siege (a 200-player PvP mode), over 25,000 elite players have battled to reign supreme
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