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Conquer the Frozen Tundra in Crusaders Quest

TOAST, the publishing brand of NHN Entertainment USA, has welcome news for Crusaders Quest fans. Start the quest to reconstruct the Soulbound Weapons and finally defeat the impossibly malicious machines of the Frozen Tundra!

In the latest chapter, Crusaders Quest dove headlong into its retro roots, producing a magic-tech villain of terrible destructive power. Nemesis, the new villain, is the apex of robotic AI, looking to harness the power of the Goddesses for his weapons of war. But the Frozen Tundra has proved too great a challenge for some brave Crusaders.

The Fortress of Souls gives players the much needed opportunity to build powerful weapons of might and magic to fight the swarming hordes of metallic war machines. By defeating Lord Soltar and restoring the Soulbound weapons locked away in the lower reaches of his shadow-streaked fortress, Crusaders will sweep through the snowy fields like an unstoppable gust of wind!

In this unholy pit of despair, only one Hero can brave the halls at a time. So your team of Crusaders must be diverse and large enough to conquer Lord Soltar’s dungeon as a team. Be sure to upgrade your Heroes, and save your 6* Crusaders for the final battle with the mastermind behind this seditious stronghold.

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