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Armored Warfare: Spirithaven Season Trailer

Press Release

Armored Warfare’s Asian-themed fifth season “Spirithaven” is now live for PC. The action MMO, featuring modern tank battles and immersive story campaigns, has deployed to the East for an all-new narrative. The core of the “Spirithaven” season will be a new set of Asian vehicles as well as the continuation of the Special Operations storyline. The new storyline will task the Resistance with traversing throughout Eastern Asia to capture key intel on Enigma in hopes of ending them for good.

Players can expand their hangar with some of Asia’s deadliest Light Tanks, from the Japan’s agile and accurate Type 16 MCV, to the South Korean speedy powerhouse K21 Tier 8 AFV. Their superior mobility will be an effective addition as the resistance forces brave this vast new terrain. In addition to the new setting and new vehicles, players can look forward to a new commander, new battle UI and further technical and graphical improvements to Armored Warfare!


Almost a year has passed since Hana Buric and Austin Harper helped Magnus Holter to escape Enigma’s Moscow prison. The Resistance has grown stronger, but it’s still not powerful enough to wage a large scale war. Forced to find other options to take down Enigma, the Resistance has landed in Japan in hopes of capturing a key asset of the enemy — James Todd Litteral, the leader of the National Patriot Activist Army and extracting from him Enigma’s command center coordinates, allowing them to take out Enigma and its leader, Victor Blaze, in one fell swoop.


A new Contract Mission campaign awaits with similar mechanics to those used during the American Dream one. This time though, victorious commanders can look forward to a nice prize – the Type 89 Tier 7 AFV. With excellent mobility and firepower, this vehicle will make for a wonderful addition to aide in bring down Enigma.


A new arsenal of tanks and equipment are available, providing new and destructive ways to destroy your enemies, including:

  • Type 16 MCV Tier 7 TD – This wheeled Tank Destroyer features a unique ability called AI Target Assistant, allowing you to aim more precisely at moving targets for deadly accurate shots.
  • Harimau Tier 8 LT – Perfect for aggressive gameplay, this Indonesian Light Tank is the embodiment of what makes the Light Tank class so fun to play – fast and well-armed!
  • K21 Tier 8 AFV – this fast Korean IFV combines powerful armament and excellent mobility, to provide the perfect tool for delivering infantry right where it needs to be.

In addition to this, three more vehicles will be arriving later this season to provide players with a steady stream of new additions to their collections as they track down Enigma.


“Spirithaven” brings new technical improvements, gameplay mechanics and more. The combat interface has been redesigned to provide an easier view to essential battle info such as damage, module damage, and weapons status from the central panel. Most commanders have received new skills and combinations that open them up for different play styles options. Lastly, vehicles have received graphical improvements for all models and a dynamic dirt system has been added which shows them becoming dirtier when driving over rough terrain providing an all-new level of realism as they battle over snow, sand or mud!

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