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Krazy Aces begins second phase of open beta

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Krazy Aces has begun its second phase of Open Beta testing today. The new phase of testing introduces several new cards, chat hot keys, card battle, multiple screen resolutions, and a new battle mode, called “2 in 1.” The new battle mode allows two players to fight together cooperatively, with one player being the pilot and the other acting as gunner.

The Original Announcement:

Greetings to all!!!

Krazy Aces Open Beta Phase II is now open! Please join us in testing this new client and also the new content!!! I myself am definitely happy for the last item, which I saved, BEST FOR LAST, on the list! Trust me, it’s a fun one!!!

Look below for the new content and I really hope you guys enjoy it! Also, please take a look at the forums and the HUGE event for the Special Edition Krazy Aces iPod Nano Giveaway!

1. Unique Cards (you have to use your Rare Cards to craft these)
2. Joker Card – Red (used to increase number count on regular cards)
3. Joker Card – Blue (used to extend time limit on Rare Cards)
4. Magic Card (used with Rare Cards to craft Unique Cards)
5. Albereo Card (optional card to not lose Rare Card when attempting to craft Unique Cards)
6. Chat Hotkeys, for use while in battle (F Keys, customizable, no inappropriate language please)
7. Card Battle (aka – Rock! Paper! Scissors!)
8. Different Resolutions Now For All You Large Monitor Users!
9. Equipping/Unequipping cards w/ Double-click from Inventory positions
10. Multiple Card Deletion (CTRL+Right-Click)
11. Decline Game and Friend Invitations


12. NEW BATTLE MODE – 2 in 1 (partner up with a buddy as one flies and the other shoots down other players in the race!)

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