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AdventureQuest 3D UI Upgrade Progress (March 2016)

AdventureQuest 3D (AQ3D) shows off its progress in revamping and fine-tuning the user interface.

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  • Unknown

    The UI is good for mobile users bit it’s horrible for PC users. The game is in closed beta right now but the developers confirmed they don’t plan to change anything about it. So I wouldn’t be suprised if this game dies for the PC users. At first the UI and the chat panel in the alpha or tech demo phase had alot of potential since it was built for PC screen but I can’t deal with the small chat panel it’s too small for the PC platform and I can’t describe how much I dislike the skills layout. Yeah it was built for the mobile port but the way it’s setting on the screen it’s confusing for me on the screen. The only suggestion I would give the AQ3D developers is I’d like to see more customization in the UI in the future and one that would benefit the PC players like it benefits the players who play on mobile devices.

    • Unknown

      Just wanted to do one update on this. They updated the UI for the PC users. It looks alot better and actually functional for PC users now. But I still dislike it but it’s probably because of the game engine they used or because it looks dumb down in my opinion. But this is likely my last update on the UI interface for the review I did 2 months ago. I only wanted to update my review since they improved the UI interface for the PC platform. But since this is open beta right now at this moment it could change so don’t be upset at me if it look’s different from the time anyone reads this review then check out AQ3D as long as it’s still up and running.