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Holiday Events Starting in Digimon Masters Online

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Joymax has rounded up a sleigh full of activities and prizes for Digimon Masters Online. Want to get your gift from Santa before Christmas? Can you discover the culprit behind the theft of Christmas before the holiday is gone forever? Here are the five events starting now for Digimasters!
Santa Will Come The Moment You Log Into Digimon Masters: Santa’s presence in the Digital World is special, as he will bestow gifts upon players every hour. These presents include EXP boosters, Evoluters, and some of the most popular cash shop items!

Catch The Antylamon Who Stole Christmas Gifts: Antylamons have been scurrying about the Digital World, stealing Christmas presents they don’t deserve. Kind-hearted players who are willing to help Santa retrieve his lost gifts will be rewarded; after claiming back the stolen presents they may be opened and players can take the amazing gifts inside, including DigiEggs!

Christmas With Alphamon: This month’s newly added member is the famed warrior Digimon, Alphamon! Using the new Jogress System, players can tame this magnificent beast by combining two specific Digimons. Plus, players who raise their Alphamon and reach top 10 in level and size can win a special Kamemon Reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg.

Special Christmas Moments With Digimon Masters: The Digital World is decked out with snow and Christmas decorations. Take your best holiday screenshot and submit for a chance to win a reward!

Overflowing EXP Event: Double EXP on the weekdays and triple EXP on the weekends, Digimon Masters stuffs this month with many gifts and rewards! Add all that with an extra 30% movement speed and you’re all set to tackle every Christmas event.

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