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World of Warships Launches Holiday-Themed Patch

World of Warships holiday update

0.7.12 launched for World of Warships today on PC, and with it comes new challenges, content, and changes. A new in-game event arrived, named “In the Name of His Highness” and a series of challenges and missions await players. The ultimate prize is the new German Premium Tier VI Battleship, “Prinz Eitel Friedrich”. Just for logging in and heading to their ports, players unlock two free Santa Claus Containers. After that, these festive holiday Containers are earned for completing Missions. Santa Claus Containers offers recipients a chance to unlock rare premium ships, flags, ship camouflages, and more.

The “Belle Époque” Collection also arrives in this update, which is quite possibly the most beautiful collection in World of Warships so far. Through this collection, developers are paying tribute to the glorious historical period on the turn of the 20th century, a pre-dreadnought era when lavishly decorated coal-powered ships sailed the seas. For those who have earned the Prinz Eitel battleship, the “Mighty Prinz” campaign is for them. It will contribute to the good old New Year’s tradition celebrated in World of Warships by offering players a rewarding gameplay experience, as well as the following five researchable Tier VI ships with permanent New Year-inspired camouflage patterns: Hatsuharu, Nürnberg, Icarus, Dallas, and Normandie. Completing the campaign earns players a unique permanent camouflage for their Prinz Eitel Friedrich battleship.

There is also a purchasable Premium campaign, “Steel Monsters”, and this update also has a way to stock up on camo, signals, Steel and Secret Santa containers. For those looking to speed up their XP earning potential in World of Warships, there’s now a new World of Warships Premium Account option. Separate from the Wargaming Premium Account, the Warships Premium option allows for even faster XP gain for players, helping them unlock ships and train crews more quickly. Lastly, the “Snowflakes” event launches exclusively with this update. Players will now be able to earn valuable Coal and Steel simply by playing the ships that are marked with a snowflake. The one-time bonus will be obtained after a victorious battle and dependent on the type and tier of each ship.

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