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Outspark Announces new MMORPG – Erebus: Travia Reborn

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Outspark, the folks behind Fiesta Online, Secret of the Solstice and Windslayer, Just announced their latest free to play MMORPG – Erebus: Travia Reborn. The game looks to be a 3D Fantasy MMORPG with older graphics. The official ‘teaser’ site for the game is online at . The game is a remake of ‘Travia Online’ which was officially ‘shut down’ back in 2007. Unlike Outspark’s previous titles, Erebus: Travia Reborn has a strong emphasis on PvP combat.  The game is developed by Zemi Interactive, the same folks behind 4Story. Gameplay wise the game looks like it drew a lot of its inspiration from Diablo 2.

Story Behind Erebus: Travia Reborn:

Eons ago, the jealous and vengeful god of Chaos, Erebus, nearly destroyed the human race. Led by the beloved King Danaus, humanity fled to the shores of Travia, a lush continent full of magical and ancient beings. The natives of Travia — noble Elves, rugged Dwarves and magnificent Dragons — welcomed the humans with open arms. The first years of coexistence were not easy, as humans came to terms with the reality of starting over in this world of strange creatures and magic. But soon, construction began on a new human home – Andarasa, named for the Goddess of Light, who many humans had turned to as their savior.

Peace would not last long. When the human refugees fled from the terrible forces of Erebus, Erebus himself had stowed away deep inside the young son of King Danaus, Prince Typhram. The God was weak, but by spreading chaos, he could regain his power and manifest in the flesh once more. Using the Prince as his agent, Erebus was able to bring fear and distrust to the human survivors. The Prince proclaimed that only a Human could lead the land of Travia to prosperity. Agents loyal to the Prince took up his new cause, each wearing a red armband to show their allegiance. The “Scarlet Revolution” caught the natives of Travia completely by surprise. Villages were razed, civilians massacred, and, most shocking of all, a band of human militants, armed with new-found Dwarven explosives, destroyed the palace of the Elf Queen. Truly, this was humanity at its worst. Prince Typhram’s sister, Princess Helene watched these events unfold in horror; why would her brother undo everything they’d worked so hard for? As chaos consumed Travia once more, Erebus grew in power. Typhram’s body swelled and warped, exposing him as Erebus reborn. He headed west, towards the desolate wastelands of Deva, leaving death and destruction in his wake. Wherever he went, monsters of old — the Orcs and Ogres, Revenants and Reavers — rallied to their lord and master. Erebus had come to Travia, and chaos followed.

As quickly as it started, the “Scarlet Revolution” ended. Once it became clear that Erebus had orchestrated the attacks against the ancient races, the human aggressors stood down in shame. Many among the Ancient Races believed Humanity deserved to be wiped out for its role in bringing Erebus to Travia. However, Princess Helene moved swiftly, organizing the remaining humans against Erebus and entreating the Elves and other races for a second chance. Under her blue banner, a united army formed to combat Erebus’ demonic forces. For twenty years, war consumed Travia, and in the end, the alliance based on Order grew stronger than

the ruling Chaos. Erebus was driven back into the wastelands of Deva, and at the final battle, Helene herself wielded the blade that struck down the body of her former brother. When Erebus was at his weakest, one of the few remaining Sages, a great sorcerer named Alfred, performed a Sealing Spell that bound Erebus beneath the earth for all time.

In the centuries since Erebus’ Binding, mankind thrived in Travia, expanding beyond Andarasa to build additional kingdoms. But as man’s influence grew, not everyone agreed with Helene’s dream of a unified commonwealth of Travia. Why should elves feast on exotic fruits from their private gardens, while human peasants struggled to put food on the tables of their much larger families? General Karvion gave these disenfranchised humans a voice. He gave them a symbol and a name when he started wearing the red armband of Prince Typhram. This new faction became known as the Scarlet Scions, for they fully intended to finish the revolution that was cut short centuries past. Any elves or other races that were willing to swear absolute fealty to the “True Human King” would be spared. Many humans, and surprisingly, many non-humans as well, answered the call.

The Scarlet Scions greatest opposition came from a most unlikely place. The beautiful Lady Vestora was an Elven princess, raised in secrecy away from mankind’s influence. It was stories of Queen Helene, a human, that brought her out of the forest and into the human kingdoms, where she was heartbroken to see the old alliances falling apart. And so she set out to forge a new alliance under the blue flag of Helene.

Travia should not have a single ruler, but rather be guided by a council made up of all the world’s races. Thus was born the Azure Alliance, and it too had many followers.

Over the years, angry words turned to bloodshed between the Karvion and Vestora factions. With battle spilling into the streets, guilds were forced to declare their allegiance. And as cities become battlegrounds, savage monsters and blood-thirsty undead are emerging from the wilds in greater numbers than ever before.

Whispers of the return of Erebus are ringing in our ears. We can feel the darkness climb over the land, and feel it in our veins. More and more are choosing sides and preparing for an all out war. Some fight for glory, while others seek the spoils of war. Some fight to restore law, and others fight for peace. One thing is certain…

Chaos is coming…

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