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WonderKing Announces Spring Break Events

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It seems like Spring Break and Easter are yet another excuse for game publishers to host events for their games. This is actually a good thing, as events keep games fresh and interesting. WonderKing Online announced it’s various spring break events. The events include an Easter Day Party where players have to collect colored eggs and various other fun events. I would have loved to see a 2X experience event, as that’s what most of us gamers want, but unfortunately no bonus experience events this time around.


WonderKing Players Are Invited to Join In-Game Events

WHO: Ndoors Interactive and WonderKing

WHAT: Multiple exciting in-game events, including:

Easter Day PartyThis Easter, NPC Moa needs the WonderKing community’s help! He wants players to collect three types of eggs to craft a Pretty Easter Egg. Once he receives the Pretty Easter Egg, participants have two choices:  Right click on it to receive one of five different kinds of items at random (they’re too special to reveal here, so you’ll have to see them for yourself!), or bring a total of five Pretty Easter Eggs and five Rabbit Dolls to NPC Moa for the chance to receive an Easter Charm.  This unique charm gives awesome stats to the player willing to test their luck in hopes of winning it.

Fashion Wins!Indulge in the hottest trends this spring and reap the rewards! Any player purchasing the latest spring fashion releases will win the unreleased seven-day Kali Spike Wheel! Spring fashion cash items include: Beach Shorts, Beach Wrap Skirt, Beach Visor, Auburn Surfer Hair, Pink Lady Hat, Bikini Top, Beach Body, and Beach Slippers. Don’t forget to pick them up before March 31, since that’s the last day of this event! All prizes will be sent to the highest-level character on a players account within seven days of the event’s end.

Party Up!Spring break is all about partying and cutting loose, so come join the spring break party in WonderKing! From 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. PST every weekday (a total of 6 hours!), everyone can enjoy 200% more party points (PP) while in a party! So let’s party up and knock out the Sinistry of Devils to receive more PP!


WHEN: Now through April 7, 2010

WonderKing is a vibrant, colorful game that boasts delightfully animated graphics and a compelling story for players of all ages to enjoy.  WonderKing is highlighted by a captivating story of heroism set in a unique fantasy world, where players ultimately battle a sinister dark force, called the Sinistry of Demons.  It is prophesied that only the WonderKing can save the world from darkness by defeating the evil Baalon, King of Demons, who has plunged the world into unrelenting turmoil.

Aside from WonderKing, Ndoors also publishes Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu and Atlantica Online

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