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Mabinogi Egg Hunting Easter Event

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Nexon’s Mabinogi is gearing up for Easter with its own Egg Hunting event. Starting on March 31st, players will have a chance of collecting special fossilized Easter eggs from the hens at Erinn. By extracting the Easter egg from the slate and rock successfully, players are rewarded with a special Easter Egg Capsule. These capsules are filled with candy that provides special stat boosts.

Mabinogi is a unique fantasy MMORPG where players are free to grow their character as they wish. Characters even age in the game as time goes by! Nexon is best known for their flagship MMORPG MapleStory, but also publish Combat Arms, and Dungeon Fighter Online.

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Mabinogi’s Easter Event Gives New Meaning to Egg Hunting

Easter Egg Hunters looking for a new way to hunt eggs will enjoy an Easter event starting tomorrow in Nexon America’s fantasy life MMO, Mabinogi. Players who participate in this event will be rewarded with sweet treats and stat boosts.

As players collect eggs laid by the hens of Erinn, they occasionally discover fossilized Easter eggs. Players then extract the Easter egg from the slate and rock quickly and carefully. The successfully extracted and undamaged eggs then reward the player with an iconic Easter Egg Capsule. These festive Easter Egg Capsules are filled with candy that will give special stat bonuses to the Egg-scavators.

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