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Spacelords Launches ‘Heavy Metal’ Update Today

“Heavy Metal” is the latest update for the 4v1 shooter Spacelords from MercurySteam, and it dropped today. This update adds the new “Forge System”, letting players build up to five versions of the same weapon, with parts obtained in matches. This system will allow greater freedom for players to build a weapon that fits their playing style. The classic Spacelords’ Blueprints will remain as special prizes, having become more powerful to reflect their new high-ranking status.

The “Talent System” also arrives in this update, which will also allow greater customization for player builds. The Heavy Metal update also adds fun new gameplay options, such as the ability to throw Aleph blasts at your foes.

“The ‘Heavy Metal’ update is all about giving players more power and flexibility,” commented Enric Álvarez, Game Director. “With the plethora of new opportunities offered by the revamped Forge System and the new Talent tree, no two players will ever field the same Spacelord again.”

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