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Warface – Titan Update Preview

Warface is an incredibly fun free-to-play FPS that I have only recently had the time to sit down with. Despite posting a great deal of news for it, I haven’t had a ton of time with the game. As such, you’re not going to see pro plays in this video. I spent some time with the developers behind Warface, and for about an hour we shot the stuffing out of each other and other people on the Russian servers. With that in mind, you might see some delay or lag, that’s a symptom of being in Eastern NC, playing on RUS servers. Now, I’m not the greatest FPS player, but I tell you what I do like: massive miniguns that do not require a ton of aim! Enter Sed, the latest class coming to Warface.

Sed is absolutely in my wheelhouse, and he’s so damn fun to play. They put a lot of effort into this new class, and it’s very clear to see, even by their basic features. A prime example is that they cannot be healed by the Medic. Instead, they can be Repaired and Resurrected by the Engineer! This is so damn cool. Here are a few important things to note about the Sed.

Sed’s Key Features:

  • Heavily Armored
  • Unique Primary and Secondary Weapon
  • Low Speed, High Stamina
  • Cannot be knocked down
  • Can climb obstacles without assistance
  • Repaired and resurrected by Engineers, not Medics.

They have a pair of powerful primary weapons, the KAC CHAINSAW and the XM556 Microgun. Personally, I spent far more time using the Microgun, because it’s so damn fun. The Chainsaw is hip-fire only, has infinite ammo, and overheats if you use it too long (to balance it out I imagine). Conversely, the Microgun has increased firepower, a high fire rate, and cools down quickly. It’s a brutal gun that is sure to put the fear of God into his foes. However, he has no other weapons to collect now, but we talked about that. There is a lot of potential “big guns” they’d like to use, and now that they have a robotic character, that becomes possible. His additional weapon is the CZ 805 G1 Grenade Launcher. It can blind and causes area damage.

In addition to this, they teased some new content that’s coming, and some of it’s pretty wild. The first part of this 2019 roadmap begins with the appearance of Sed, and will move towards the Warface Anniversary. Another big part of this year is a new Movement System, where they designed a new Movement and Hit Detection System from scratch, and it’s in the final stage of internal testing. The public testing is slated to begin in October, so stay tuned for that. Of course, Halloween content is coming, and there will be a limited time PVP Map, taking us to Mars! The main characters will be SEDs, will be a low-grav FFA mode, and will also have blasters. now that sounds wild. I’m personally looking forward to the PVE Mode “Arena”, where players team up to defeat waves of enemies, and the updated shooting range. Finally, they teased a new Battle Pass, and there will also be a Christmas Update.

Even though I’m pretty new to Warface, I like the Sed. It’s a nice, easy introduction to the game, and is not a super difficult class to learn. From what I understand, they unlock automatically at Account level 30? They will be free, and will surely have some cool cosmetics as time goes on, and that’s the important thing. I hope you guys enjoy it too, most of all.

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