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Novus Aeterno Reveals Anti-Zerging Feature

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Novus Aeterno Soft Cap CP

Taitale Studios roared back with a vengeance this winter season following the restart of their Kickstarter campaign for Novus Aeterno, a massive RTS reaching for unparalleled scaling in a sandbox science fiction setting.

Thanks to a generous angel investor, their goal had been lowered to only requiring $75,000, but with thirteen days remaining they have already doubled it, pushing towards $160,000 in total funding. And this weekend the ever growing game revealed an all important feature to keep zerging at a minimum, a soft cap on CP, an army building resource point. This essentially will debuff empires’ ships that overcrowd a single area of combat in space, allowing the little guy a fighting chance.

To read the full details of the latest update or back the Kickstarter campaign, check out the post here.

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