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WEBZEN Announces Renowned Voice-Over Cast for MU Legend

Mu Legend Voice News - Main Image

WEBZEN has joined forces with René Veilleux and his team of great voice actors at Verité Entertainment to provide top-quality voice-overs for MU Legend. Although the name might not ring a bell, his work will no doubt be familiar to many. René Veilleux is a voice and casting director. In particular, they have contributed series such as The Elder Scrolls OnlinePayday 2, How to Train Your Dragon and many more. Many ARPGs can suffer from a boring or lackluster voice cast, but calling on Veilleux and his team ought to lend quite a bit of talent to the upcoming next-gen title. 

René Veilleuxvoice director & CEO of Verité Entertainmentcommented: “When I first got the call from Webzen about the voice-over for MU Legend, I was really excited because I saw that there was a lot of action and adventure in this game.” He added: “My intention was to make the voice-over grand and epic as well. My experience working with the team on MU Legend has been great. They’ve given me and the actors a lot of freedom to bring our own voice and vision to the game.”

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