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Warlords Awakening Gets Set for Official Launch

Warlords Awakening Official Launch News Splash art

PLAYWITH Interactive is proud to announce the launch date for their buy-to-play MMO, Warlords Awakening – November 28th. As of this Wednesday (Nov. 28th), all users around the world can dive in on Steam. During the Early Access period, many changes and improvements were made to the look and feel of Warlords Awakening to ensure that the MMORPG would be complete, and enjoyable for their audience. Warlords Awakening will also be a buy-to-play MMO, with a new level cap (50), four new dungeons, and the addition of the Portuguese language. Alongside this is a new PVP Season, class balance, the Christmas event, and much more. Warlords Awakening also announced that they will keep their audience entertained every Wednesday through their social network accounts, with new events and exclusive prizes.

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