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Warframe Fortuna Update Arrives on Nintendo Switch

Warframe Fortuna Key Art

On February 5, 2019, Warframe‘s Fortuna update will be available on the Nintendo Switch.

Fortuna is a massive expansion that introduces the new faction Solaris United, their underground hub city Fortuna, and a new storyline to experience. The update also brings the K-Drive Hoverboard, allowing Tenno to explore the landscape as never before – and pull off stunts and tricks while they do so.

Players will be able to participate in planetary conservation, resource gathering through mining and fishing, battle against the spider-like Raknoid, and face the greedy Corpus faction. The Garuda Warframe, which uses a combination of health-based abilities to devastate its opponents – also brings new ways to experience the game.

Warframe “Fortuna” is available as a free update tomorrow, February 5, on the Nintendo Switch.

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