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Master of Eternity Temple Guardian Update Arrives

MOE Boss Raids Image

Master of Eternity has launched a new massive “Temple Guardian” update, introducing a massive Boss Raid and much more.

Chapter 13 Part Two introduces a new story for players to experience, and features a new Temple Guardian to face. Players can also participate in the new Boss Raids system to earn rewards and build exclusive Mecha Suits. 17 new Mecha Suits, including the Kali’s Child Suit, are now available for Assault, Support, Bombardier, and Sniper classes.

Additionally, events will run until February 6 for additional bonuses, including:

  • Chapter 7 Part Clear: 300,000 Credits and S3 Crux x5
  • Chapter 9 Part Clear: 500,000 Credits and S3 Crux x10
  • Chapter 10 Part Clear: 700,000 Credits and S3 Guaranteed Ticket x5

The update is available now on iOS and Android.

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