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PAX South Cosplay Round-Up Part 1 and 2 and 3

MMOHuts Default Image 604x339

The cosplayers were out in force at PAX South 2015! Check out the first batches of our cosplay photos straight from the show floor.

PAXSouthCosplayStormtrooper_1 PAXSouthCosplayVainglory_1 PAXSouthCosplaySivirLoL_1 PAXSouthCosplaySivir2LoL_1 PAXSouthCosplayPopAhriHeime_1 PAXSouthCosplayMercurySMITE_1 PAXSouthCosplayMalzahar_1 PAXSouthCosplayMaleficient_1 PAXSouthCosplayLifeIsFeudal_1 PAXSouthCosplayfoxfireAhri_1 PAXSouthCosplayCaitlynLoL_1 PAXSouthCosplayBuddyCube_1 PAXSouthCosplayBorderlandsP_1 PAXSouthCosplayBorderlands_1 PAXSouthCosplayBeattlejuice_1 PAXSouthCosplayArcadeSonaLo_1 PAXSouthCosplayBacchusSMITE_1 PAXSouthCosplayArcadeSona2_1 PAXSouthCosplayAnnieLoL2_1 PAXSouthCosplayAnnieLoL_1 PAXSouthCosplayAdventureFun_1 PAXSouthCosplay16_1 PAXSouthCosplay17_1

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MMOHuts Default Image 604x339
JamesBl0nde and Queen of Blonde offer their shots from the first ever PAX South.