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Wakfu Raiders’ New Holiday Update Is Live

Wakfu Raiders’ New Holiday Update Is Live news thumbnail

Fans of the mobile RPG Wakfu Raiders are in for a jolly treat this month. Wakfu Raiders, based on the WAKFU universe and franchise created by Ankama, will be decking its proverbial halls with an all-new Holiday seasonal period update which is now live.

Three new characters are now available: the cranky holiday exclusive warrior Father Kwismas, the thief Rubio Goldgun, and the gym junkie Mhandal. While Rubio and Mhandal are available in the summoning portal, Father Kwismas will only be available during the Holiday seasonal period between December 21st and December 27th (PST).

In addition, players will have access to new story chapters set on the fiery region of Brakmar and on the snowy island of Chillberg. The heroes of Wakfu Raiders will have to traverse a new hot and cold landscapes to discover the answers they seek in their quest, fighting new beasts and adversaries on the way.

To keep with the festive mood of the December holidays, fans will also get to amass more loot and prizes with new Christmas Bounty events, a Christmas Vortex dungeon, and Christmas present hunt minigames. These seasonal events will last from December 21st to December 27th(PST).

New additions from the update also include a new Hell difficulty for Crypt mode and a new 3-element combo attack that hits all enemies for massive damage.

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