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Uncharted Waters Online Celebrates 1st Birthday

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Uncharted Waters Online, published by Netmarble, is celebrating one year since its release.

Daily item giveaways and boosts are prepared for the entire month of October.  Players logged in at exactly 8:00am on October 8 will receive a Premium Ticket.  Also, players above 500 fame who log in once a day for seven consecutive days will receive various rewards for the next three weeks, starting October 5.  You will also be able to win prizes by participating in a writing contest.

Netmarble also produces Mini Fighter Online.

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Nautical MMO Uncharted Waters Online Celebrates Its 1st Birthday

Rare items await those who log-in during UWO’s celebratory events!

Sunnyvale, California – October 4, 2011 Historic nautical MMO Uncharted Waters OnlineTM (UWO) is elated to announce the arrival of its very first birthday! Having originally launched via the Netmarble Portal, UWO has continued to grow and has proudly achieved a strong community of avid adventurers. Today marks one year of exciting service, and with North American partner gPotato, UWO anticipates many sailing expeditions for years to come.

To show their appreciation to all UWO players who have traversed the high seas, the team has prepared daily item giveaways and boosts for the entire month of October!

  • Premium Ticket Blast – During this event, players will receive a Premium Ticket if they are logged-in to UWO on October 8 at 8:00 AM exactly. This quality item is an adventurer’s chance at trying out a coveted sailing vessel or other valuable prizes.
  • Three Week Marathon Event – Players can receive daily items and boosts just by logging in!  During the week of October 5, those with a Fame above 500 will receive a different item each day if they log in for 7 days straight.  The following week players will automatically get 2X Skill Proficiency points, and 2X Fame points are available the week after that.
  • UWO Sailors Writing Contest – Throughout the month players can test their literary skills with the ‘UWO Sailors Writing Contest’.  Players are encouraged to submit personal stories and thoughts about their exciting adventures in UWO. The bestpieces will be nominated to win one of 13 desirable prizes including exclusive ships such as the Modified Royal Frigate, the Custom Schooner, or the grand prize – a Custom La Royale.  Find out more information on our Official Forums.

Check out all the details about these birthday events and more on UWO’s official websites:
Play via gPotato ( )
Play via Netmarble ( )

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