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Trials of Ascension Shares Housing Construction Update

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The latest alpha update to Forged Chaos’ sandbox fantasy MMORPG, Trials of Ascension, focuses on improved customization of player-made structures in the game.


Previously, Trials of Ascension utilized a cookie-cutter construction system that, while giving the outward impression of player building and progress from inputting a set amount of materials, didn’t truly allow any difference from one house to another. Granted no one wanted to live in ticky tacky houses all in a row at launch, so improvements were needed.

The new system operates more akin to a set of Lincoln Logs with various fragments of houses with pre-set connector pieces that allow you more control of shape and size in housing construction without letting you push it to the limits that immersion is broken in the progress. While the houses will still clearly appear to belong to the same world now, each will clearly be differentiated should those putting the effort into building them be willing to collect enough materials to do so.

Catch the full report as well as an update regarding the supporters’ shop here.

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