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Tree of Savior Announces Founder’s Server and Launch Date

IMCGames, developer and publisher of Tree of Savior, has announced its head start and launch dates for the free-to-play MMORPG’s English servers.

Tree of Savior will launch on Steam first with a Founder’s Server, giving players who purchase a Founder’s bundle exclusive access to the servers before its public launch. The idea behind this staging is to prevent bot accounts from the early days of the game’s service and to offer a stable early environment for players.

What this means is that players can get access three months early for a $49.99 bundle, two months early for a $29.99 bundle, one month early for $19.99, or begin the game for free at its official launch date on June 19. Full details can be found here and the graphic below.

Tree of Savior Announces Founder's Server and Launch Date

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  • Knight dumbass

    obvious cash grab, they are basically saying we got this ready to play game but if you dont pay you get to wait a full 3 months, let me repeat that 3 entire months, i could understand early access for money if it was a week even a month but 3 entire months lets me know this company is all about the money and not the playerbase and the cash shop will be the same, companies need to make money but this just shows that is all this company is about, with this i gurantee a p2w cash shop if not at start maybe a few weeks/months after f2p actually hits on a game that is already finished and ready to play now, ill repeat that as well, the game is already done and ready to play but they are keeping it behind a paywall for a full 3 months to grab that cash, no thanks.

    • cyang00

      It’s only $50, give the developers some credit for working so hard. When your ready to work for free come ask me for a job.

    • Nud3

      Whoa how immature can you be? How old are you? The game will be free, and yet you’re still being salty and ungrateful.. Spoiled kid.

    • Joaokiko

      I totally agree with you Knight… Cash whores… the game is done and they call it “free to play”…, but to play it you have to wait 3 months or you pay to play… another game where you can only be good or great if you actually pay… so calling it free to play is wrong… more like p2p or p2w… no thanks for me… Back to Path of Exile

    • Will T

      Holy shit guys, you gotta realise that developers need to make money some way or the other, especially when you want them to make a good game and release good content. Not to mention, their founders community literally ASKED for exclusive access to their servers, and the developers listened. I understand the frustration of waiting 3 months (I’m on the same boat) but FFS don’t just start bashing on the developers for being cash whores because from what I can see, they’re nice people who listens to their community.