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Torchlight Frontiers Introduces Forts

Torchlight Frontiers - Forts

Today, a blogpost from the Torchlight Frontier devs was released, talking about player Forts. The goal of forts is to “enfranchise the players in the Torchlight world, to give them a piece of it all their own, so it’s not somewhere you just pass through…it’s a place you live”, according to CEO Max Schaefer. The fort becomes accessible quickly in Torchlight Frontiers, and serves as a base of operations for your adventures. One of the interesting things is that players get to design the layout and the decor, so it feels genuinely like your own home. By entering Construction Mode, you can create and organize this fort to be whatever you want it to be. Creating new objects and selecting pieces from collection to place where you please. Their team also put together a few forts, using the current in-game tools, which can be found here:  Player Fort A // Player Fort B // Player Fort C

It’s also pertinent to note that upgrading and specializing the parts of your fort unlocks new powers and choices for all of your characters. Each class also has a dedicated fort building where you purchase active/passive skills using Skill Points. Upgrading it gives more of these to your character to purchase. Your other characters of the same class can also use the upgraded building, which opens new advancement paths and character possibilities. There is of course, space for your stash of items, crafting, and players can also stop at other players’ forts and check out their advanced buildings. This gives that player a temporary boost, and you can also see how players are designing their forts to give you ideas.

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