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This Means WAR! Debuts Real-Time Strategy on Android

Kabam’s This Means WAR! brings enormous innovation to modern combat gameplay with today’s Android launch.

This free-to-play game delivers players a robust mobile strategy experience as they take control of a competitive battlefield. The game innovates with simultaneous base-on-base and army-on-army action as players fight to push forward against an ever-moving battle line.  This unique battle line mechanic puts This Means WAR! far ahead of the latest mobile strategy games with deeper tactics, faster action, and more replay-ability.

In This Means WAR!, each Commander must effectively strategize against enemy bases while simultaneously defending his own base, using a full spectrum of combat vehicles and troops. Players progress to the top of a competitive leaderboard by forging Alliances, attacking friends and deploying missile strikes in a never-ending war for resources, medals, and glory.  To download the game now, go here.

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