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War of Angels Official Teaser Trailer

To Learn More About the Game, Check out our War of Angels Page.

Gamigo is bringing a new fantasy MMORPG called War of Angels to Western audiences. At first glance the visual style and interface may remind gamers of World of Warcraft, but War of Angels has a ton of innovative features. Among these are the ability to fight on land, underwater, or even in the air. Players can create winged characters that can fly or take to the air. Flying mounts along with a variety of pets will also be included. The most interesting feature in the game is city management. Players will able to conquer cities, build new ones, and manage them with their guild. This official teaser trailer starts by explaining some of the backstory in War of Angels. 10,000 years of peace have recently been broken by the outbreak of war. The trailer shows off some of the many crafting options the game offers, and some of the monster designs. Be prepared to fight giant frogs, evil chickens, goblins, ogres, ghosts, and so on. Some of the footage shows huge armies of human and monster characters doing battle. The whole trailer is set to some dramatic music and is well worth watching. Gamigo has already published Martial Empires this year and has many new games nearing release including Black Prophecy, Loong: The Power of the Dragon, Legends of Qin, and several others. Despite originally being a German gaming portal, Gamigo now publishes games for the North American and global audience. To learn more about War of Angels check out the official MMOHuts War of Angels page which includes a detailed review, tons of screenshots, and additional videos.

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