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TERA Reveals Upcoming ‘BAF Masters’ Update

TERA - BAF Masters Update

The final update for the Action MMORPG for PC, TERA has officially been announced – BAF Masters! With it comes a relaxing pastime, and a popular one across many MMOs – Fishing. Players will be casting a fishing line and hoping to catch some BAFs (Big-Ass-Fish). These fish can be sold for gold, to trading to vendors for various gear enhancement materials. But much like the real world, fish caught won’t last forever, and will eventually spoil. This is part of a broader rework and streamlining of the gathering and crafting systems for TERA. The crafting professions will be updated and let players specialize in alchemy, smelting, processing, etching and cooking, depending on what they want to craft. Gathering will also be updated to make the harvesting tiers more apparent.

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