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WildStar News – Free Level 50 Giveaway

WildStar News - Free Level 50 Giveaway

In celebration of the Power of the Primal Matrix update this week, WildStar is giving away free level 50s to anyone who logs in.

Players who log in between Wednesday, March 8, and 11:59 p.m. PDT on Sunday, March 12 will get a free level 50 character boost, which includes:

  • Full set of Assault (DPS) gear already equipped
  • Bag of Support Gear: Full set based on class Support role (tanking/healing)
  • Bag of Path Rewards: Stuff you’d normally get for your Path while leveling
  • Mount: Something to ride around on!
  • Protostar Housing Teleportation Unit: Use this item to transport to your housing plot, and it’ll also give you a Recall ability to get back to your house if you leave it
  • Capital City Transmat Coordinates: Use this to add another Recall button, but this one transports you to your capital city.
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  • Lol you have to pay with real money… Just to join a guild… Not even going to waste my time with this game.

  • Killer Soda

    Really Bro I was a little happy too.

  • Killer Soda

    still gonna take the free character tho