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Swordsman Lone Wanderer Expansion Announced

Today, Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of widely-acclaimed free-to-play MMORPGs, announced Lone Wanderer, the newest expansion for the martial arts adventure Swordsman. This exciting update marks the debut of a powerful new Falconer class. Also included in this expansion is a host of new gameplay updates, including a new weapon system, an increased level cap of 99 and a new character improvement system.

Tragedy has fallen upon one of Swordsman’s infamous martial arts schools. The Infinity School, a legendary institution known for training masters of attrition, has been completely destroyed. From its ashes rises a new faction, the Falconers. Each elusive survivor is accompanied by an eagle, who never leaves its master’s side and attacks any oncoming enemies. Together they roam the earth without fear, striking down anyone who stands in their way. When Lone Wanderer is released, players can take advantage of this powerful new class for the very first time.

Besides adding a new faction to Swordsman, the game’s upcoming expansion also introduces Glass Weapons, a powerful new weapon system. This deadly form of weaponry can be forged by smelting Sun and Moon Shard weapons together. Once armed with these powerful new weapons, players will be unstoppable. Other updates include an increased level cap to 99, which unlocks new quests and maps for max-level characters, plus the ability to improve characters by equipping them with Scenery Stones, a new free-for-all PVP area and challenging three-player instance for rewards.

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