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Pathfinder Adventures: The Rise of the Goblins is coming!

Pathfinder Adventures_ Rise of the Goblins - Main Image

Obsidian Entertainment and Asmodee Digital are proud to announce that new content for role-playing card game Pathfinder Adventures will be released next week. The Rise of the Goblins campaign introduces two new characters, Poog and Ranzak, as they go through the first of more adventure decks to come.

“We have wanted to explore the world of Rise of the Runelords from the goblin perspective for some time now,” said Pathfinder Adventures Lead Producer, Ryan Rucinski. “Now with the game being available on PC, we felt it would be a great piece for our first bit of content post-launch. The goblins have a different approach to their play style and we are sure that Pathfinder fans will be very pleased with what we’ve done.”

The Rise of the Goblins will be available for $8.99 as content that will work in both the PC and the mobile versions of Pathfinder Adventures. Not only will it bring along Poog, Ranzak, and an adventure deck of their own, but it also brings goblin designs of all of the iconic Pathfinder characters as well as a unique set of dice!

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