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Star Trek Online: LeVar Burton Joins as Captain Geordi La Forge

StarTrekOnline_GeordiLaForge_Screenshot - Main Image

There’s huge Star Trek Online news coming! Starting next month, a “Star Trek: The Next Generation” themed episode is coming called “Beyond the Nexus”, but the important part is that Captain Geordi La Forge is featured, and voiced by LeVar Burton.  Players will join La Forge on an investigation to a Galaxy-class starship, whose crew is currently under the influence of mind control. This will also mark the first time players can purchase a fully-realized Galaxy-class interior, which promises to be gorgeous. But LeVar Burton’s time is not up with this episode. He will continue on into Episode 14: Emergence, which will take place on PC this October. It promises to be a wonderfully crafted story, and Geordi is without a doubt a fan favorite in the Star Trek universe. Players will be able to claim the highly requested skant uniform from Season One, as well as the Type 7 shuttle that was also featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Players can also look forward to server-wide giveaways to celebrate this as well.

Season 14 – Emergence features a brand new Fleet Holding in a full-scale colony on the Kentari and Lukari’s new joint homeworld, which for the first time since the Fleet Starbase, features five full tiers of progression and rewards. The update will also include a Tzenkethi Red Alert, two new fleet holding defense queues, a new colony map special event, and a powerful new Primary Specialization called the “Miracle Worker.” Additional details will be revealed when Season 14 officially launches in October.

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