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Dynamight Announces Fractured Crafting/Building Q&A Livestream

Fractured - Main Image

Dynamight Studios announced that their CEO, Jacopo Galleili will be hosting a livestream on Youtube today (10 pm CEST/1 pm EST/1 pm PDT) with a focus on the crafting and building systems coming to Fractured. They chose this because they feel it is the best lead-in to the spotlights that will be shone on player-made towns, and want to put some emphasis on this important aspect of Fractured. A forum thread is available for players who want to leave questions before the stream goes live, here. This is the third Fractured live Q&A, and they are very excited to get the news out about the upcoming title. They have also announced that the Kickstarter campaign is at 76%, so there’s still a ways to go yet. There are lots of updates coming next week, and as soon as we know it, you’ll know it too. If you want to see how they run, the last Fractured Q&A can be found here.

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