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Special Halloween events arrive in M.A.T.

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Mission Against Terror (M.A.T.) will begin its own Halloween festivities tomorrow, October 27, with a new update.

Schoolboy, schoolgirl, vampire, bunny, and bandit costumes will arrive, along with the special Pumpkin Hat, for players to dress up for the occasion. In battle, players obtain the new Deadwood Camo TAR-21, Type 81, and AKS-74U, as well as the M134 Hellfire Grimm minigun, Pumpkin Smoke Grenade, and Mummy Talons.

AI Mode will gain Stage 4, where players  must battle off hundreds of melee bandits, and two new maps, “Chessboard Resort” and “Old Town,” will make their debut.

Mission Against Terror is published by Wicked Interactive (Suba Games), which also publishes Bounty Hounds Online and Ace Online.

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Mission Against Terror Throws Halloween Bash

Limited-Time Costumes, Weapons, Maps and Game Modes Spice Up the Celebration

TORONTO, ON October 25, 2011—Mission Against Terror (, everyone’s favorite free-to-play MMORPG shooter, gears up for Halloween in a big way. Beginning Thursday, Oct. 27, there will be special, limited-time costumes, weapons, even maps and a brand-new stage of AI Mode. As for candy, that’s what you’ll get when you put all this fun stuff together.

“Halloween is the holiday of the year for us,” said Sam Ho, Director, Wicked Interactive. “More than any other day, it captures the excitement and the thrills that we bring to every game. It’s also the most popular day for the M.A.T. community, which is why we are pulling out all the stops.”


Mission Against Terror’s Halloween patches will include a schoolboy and schoolgirl uniform, a classical and spooky set of vampire clothes for males and females, our popular black and scarlet bunny suits, and the ever-popular bandit costume for those who like breaking the law.

Whatever players choose to wear, they can once again mix and match with the iconic Pumpkin Hat. Or if you prefer to keep it simple, the masquerade masks allow you to keep it on the sneak-tip.


Other than new clothing options, the Deadwood Camo edition TAR-21, the Type 81, and the AKS-74U will be debuting as non-Halloween weapons.  For a spooky touch of Halloween in your weaponry, the M134 Hellfire Grimm minigun returns this year along with the Pumpkin Smoke Grenade (complete with orange smoke!) and the Mummy Talons.

Maps & Modes:

Coupled with all of this is a new stage of AI Mode and new maps. In Stage 4 of AI Mode, players band together to slay bandits wielding melee weapons by the hundreds.  Two new regular maps will also be introduced:

1) “Chessboard Resort” takes place in a secluded resort in the far east up on forested mountains and away from civilization, said to be a tourist hotbed that attracts Yoga practitioners around the world as it is considered to be a powerful place of zen.

2) “Old Town” takes place in France in a Renaissance-period town preserved for centuries because of its architecture and history that is now a primary target for terrorists and their C4 bombs.

Raves for M.A.T.:

“M.A.T. is a solid online multiplayer shooter game with a splash of Asian stylings.”
– FPSGuru

Set in a near-future not so different from our own time, M.A.T. pits teams against one another in a bitter battle for the survival of the human race. Unanimously hailed for its solid gameplay and wide variety of game modes, M.A.T. has taken North America by storm, after becoming quite popular in Asia and other parts of the world.

First looks at the M.A.T. Halloween update:

To join in the big M.A.T. Halloween Bash, visit the M.A.T. site:

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