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Soul of the Ultimate Nation details new update

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Webzen has announced that Soul of the Ultimate Nation has launched its first major update.

The update adds an elite item set, the battle zone AC system, and a  new map, the Valley of the Dragon, which is designed for players over level 60. The update also includes mission ranking. There is, of course, new quests and gear to go along with the new areas as well.

If you’re trying to download the patch automatically and having problems, try the official patch mirror.

New Artwork (Valley of the Dragon):

The Original Press Release:

“S.U.N” first major Update Patch

– 12/10, “Global S.U.N” will feature a new update

– The update features include a new map “Valley of the Dragon”, AC system, and quests

(2009-12-10) WEBZEN Inc (NASDAQ: WZEN) announced that the company will conduct a major update in Soul of the Ultimate Nation (S.U.N). The update will include a new map “Valley of the Dragon” dedicated for those players who are higher than level 60. Along with the new map, the battle zone AC system and quests will be added. Also, the most unique items in Soul of the Ultimate Nation, the elite item set option will be updated.

Along with the update, WEBZEN has plans to donate proceeds from the Happy Winter Packages sold which include Candy Boots and Christmas Tree, to the United Nations Children¡¯s Fund (UNICEF). The ¡®Holiday Spirit in Soul of the Ultimate Nation¡¯ event will start from December 9. Also, one of the raffle items, Christmas Gift Box, will be on sale for a limited time from December 9.

The number of players has grown, gaining over 1,000 new accounts daily, since WEBZEN added additional servers in Europe. Looking forward to 2010, WEBZEN plans to service Soul of Ultimate Nation in multi-language environment offering Spanish and Portuguese services for non-English speaking countries and forecasting to improve the game environment for Europe and South America players.

“Soul of the Ultimate Nation has been successfully operating in Asia for the last 3 years and we have already developed an ample of game contents. We will frequently update the game content to fulfill our players’ needs and provide additional features such as introducing multi-language options” said Chang Keun Kim, the chief executive officer of WEBZEN

More details on Global Soul of the Ultimate Nation are available through the official website of WEBZEN at

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