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Dawn Break: The Flaming Emperor Announces Christmas Event and Limited Hero

DawnBreak First Anniversary Celebration

Auer Media is proud to announce that Dawn Break: The Flaming Emperor has reached its first year anniversary. To celebrate this, they have begun a Christmas Giveaway Campaign, and will release Limited Heroes and Login Rewards to their audience. The first Four-Star Hero has arrived to the game with Hierophant Astrid. She is the most powerful character in the story, and has the skills to be worth recruiting. The Anniversary and Christmas Login Campaign will last from December 20th, 2018, until January 3rd, 2019 as well. Free gifts will also await players of Dawn Break II – Light and Dark as well, for the same time period. The following items will be available for the Login Campaign:

7-days Login Campaign Event:

  • Day 1: Rare Hero Potion *150
  • Day 2: Rare Upgrade Material *5
  • Day 3: Rare Equipment Ore*150
  • Day 4: Rare Formula*5
  • Day 5: Rare Fairy Sweet*150
  • Day 6: Rare Meteorite*5
  • Day 7: Rare Spirit Sand *150
  • 7 Days Special: Hero 10x Summon
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