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Heavy Metal Machines’ Metal League 5 Will Be Held in August

After the success of the Metal Leagues previous editions, held on the European / South American Servers, Heavy Metal Machines is bringing the action to North America. Metal League 5 is the next tournament coming to Heavy Metal Machines and was organized in partnership with ESL Play. Beginning on August 10th, players from around the world will be able to compete for a 5,000 dollar prize pool. There is no registration fee, and to participate, players just need to enter the Metal League in-game queue at the right day and time.

Metal League 5 will be held during the Season Five of the Metal Pass, which is Heavy Metal Machines’ progression system. One positive is that European and South Americans will be able to play on the North American server without lag. Players can also use whichever style gamepad they prefer, from Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4. This will bring an interesting balance to the tournament, so players can control the game however they are most comfortable.

The Metal League 5 starts on August 10th and will have many clashes each week (every Saturday), including new teams who, thanks to an intelligent scoring system, can win the title even if they join the tournament while it’s already ongoing. At the end of the six Saturdays of competition, the top eight teams will qualify to the finals, which will be played on September 21st, in best of 3 matches. The champions will take the US$ 2,000 prize, and the second spot will receive US$ 1,500, the third-place US$ 1,000 and the fourth takes US$ 500.

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