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Blockbuster RPG Onmyoji Launches Globally from NetEase Games

Smash-Hit Anime-Inspired Mobile RPG, Onmyoji, is Coming to the West – Thumb

The Asian blockbuster mobile game, Onmyoji is arriving on iOS/Facebook Gameroom for PC today. It will arrive on Android February 1st and will be coming to Steam shortly thereafter. 200 million players are across Asia are already playing the f2p anime-style mobile RPG, unearthing the magical powers within Onmyoji. It features gorgeous graphics and is voiced by anime industry titans. Onmyoji is set in a universe where demons and humans coexist. However, the power dynamic between good and evil is unstable, so players must quest to restore the balance between the human and spirit worlds in their role as onmyoji, those who tame and control rogue spirits. Each spirit has a remarkable story to share and as an onmyoji, it is up to you to redeem or doom them in order to protect the innocent.

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