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City of Heroes Players Fight to Save Their Home

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The City of Heroes community are a group of passionate players who will stop at nothing to save the game they love. They have had eight years to fall in love with the world they live in. In that time friendships have been formed, people have fallen in love, and as a community they have mourned those they’ve lost. And when the time came to say goodbye, the players weren’t ready. They banded together to fight to save their game. They’ve put the same passion and dedication they have for City of Heroes into saving it.

An online petition has been set up and going for a few days now. As of this moment it has over 12,000 signatures from people all over the world, and coming from all walks of life. Many of the people who have signed are long time players, but there are also people who just heard about what was happening and have never even played City of Heroes. But they play other games and they understand how the City of Heroes community feels.

Tony Vazquez is the head of the largest campaign to save City of Heroes and administrator of fan based Titan Network. He is working with a small team of fellow players from all across the community to organize events and spread the word to all corners of the internet. One such event an in game unity rally which is being held this weekend. Players are being asked to converge on the steps of City Hall on the Virtue server in the game to show that they are a community united for one cause. Following that there will be one of the most popular events in City of Heroes, a costume contest. But this isn’t just a regular costume contest, players are being asked to show up dressed as their favorite developer. These events start on Saturday, September 8th at 5PM EST.

Social Media is playing a big part in the efforts to save City of Heroes. With a hashtag campaign on Twitter #SaveCOH and several Facebook groups which have been dedicated to the cause. They are encouraging players to write their local NCSoft office, let NCSoft know how much City of Heroes means to them, and most of all stay optimistic, because, there is always hope.

When asked why City of Heroes was worth saving, player Wender Wu had this to say:

“Why is City of Heroes worth saving? Because it has an amazing world, filled with iconic imagery and backstory. Because of the community and creativity that springs from it, as heroes and villains fight in flashes of light and flurries of punches. Because the character creator is still one of the most robust creators out there. And because it’s been my first – and favorite – MMO since I started playing in 2005. I’ve never left it, and I hope I never will.”

The efforts to save City of Heroes are just getting into gear. And they won’t stop until the game they love, the world they love is safe once more. In a game all about being a super hero these heroes are fighting to save their city one last time.

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