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Shining Empire on the verge of cancellation

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Shining Empire

Shining Empire is on the brink of cancellation, citing poor results on Kickstarter with less than 2 weeks to go. Arcade County, the Dallas-based developers behind the ambitious 100+ hour indie RPG title, are surprised at the low turnout, despite a good amount of videos and information on the project.

“It comes down to a couple of things”, says Arcade County head R. Mulvany. “We’re only focusing on computers, so console users aren’t contributing, and it’s a new IP. You see a lot of inexperienced studios rummaging around and finding old IP’s to buy on the cheap and then resurrecting them. Those are almost always successful on Kickstarter. To put it into perspective, I’ve seen new studios acquire an IP and post nothing more than a piece of concept art on Kickstarter and have 1000% more success than we have.”

Arcade County’s Kickstarter for Shining Empire would be fortunate to close at 40% funded at this point, but they’ll continue to keep it online regardless of where it ends up. The question then becomes: What next?

“A lot of games continue to be worked on if their Kickstarter fails. This is not one of those games. It would be impossible. Not only impossible from a financial standpoint, but if we’re not getting enough press/interest to reach our goals then the game simply cannot be appealing enough to gamers. It’s not easy to spread the word. If you don’t have one of those IP’s I talked about, or you don’t have some established products out there – you need luck. As it stands right now, we seen to be pretty empty-handed in all those regards.”

You can find out about Shining Empire on the Kickstarter page at:

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