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Gaijin Entertainment Brings More Firepower to War Thunder

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War Thunder T35

Award-winning developer and publisher Gaijin Entertainment issued a call-to-arms to all of War Thunder’s almost eight million players, across all platforms to be on the lookout for major update 1.43. This important update provides War Thunder fans with increased firepower in the game by adding multi-turret ground vehicles, allowing for the firing of simultaneous deadly blasts. Whether all concentrated on one unfortunate enemy or in multi-directional attacks at different targets at the same time, War Thunder’s multi-turret ground forces will level opponents, leaving behind fiery husks that should serve as ominous warning signs to all players that they must strategically approach these vehicles with guns blazing and bombs dropping or face dire consequences.

The first tank to roll off the War Thunder assembly line with the multi-turret option will be the Soviet T-35, which was the only five-turreted heavy tank in the world. Gaijin Entertainment carefully reconstructed the T-35 using the last known real version left in the world, which is stored at the State Tank Museum of Kubinka, near Moscow. The development team captured every detail from inside and out including the growl of the engines, the crunch of the tank’s treads on the ground and the sound of multi-turret functionality. Additional multi-turreted ground forces will roll off the fully functional War Thunder assembly line in future updates. And of course, update 1.43 will bring along a lot of other exciting features – stay tuned!

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