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Shakes & Fidget: The Fortress update has arrived

Shakes & Fidget: The Fortress update has arrived news thumb

A few days ago, developer Playa Games updated MMORPG Shakes & Fidget to include a comprehensive strategy component. Building and updating the Fortress now allows the RPG’s over 50 million registered fans to improve their heroes in a whole new range of ways. Furthermore, a new dungeon takes heroes to the continent of Easteros, a new wheel of fortune minigame tempts with precious rewards, and much has changed in the mobile apps.

A game within a game
Complete quests, battle other players in the arena, and purge dungeons of their nasty monsters – there’s always excitement to be had in world of Shakes & Fidget! What better way to end a long day of adventuring than returning to the safety of hearth and home? The new Fortress now allows players at character level 25 and over to enjoy just that.

Players can build and manage twelve different buildings on free land around their stronghold. Upgrading those structures yields important resources with which players can improve their characters. For example, the Treasury can be used to expand the inventory backpack from five to 20 slots, whereas the Academy can be used to research experience points. Another important building is the Mine, in which players mine gems. These are slotted into equipment to increase the hero’s strength in battle.

Moreover, Soldiers, Mages, and Archers can be trained to protect the Fortress. Naturally, they can also be used to attack other players and plunder their resources, so it’s always worth having a few soldiers on call.

To Easteros!
The new update expands the fantasy world of Shakes & Fidget with its 14th dungeon. And this one is special in two ways: Firstly, adventurers can battle their way through a whole twenty — rather than ten — floors. Secondly, the dungeon leads to the continent of Easteros, which is home to some familiar-looking characters, who are nevertheless extremely dangerous opponents!

The Destiny Machine of Dr. Abawuwu
A mysterious stranger has set up shop in town. He calls himself Dr. Abawuwu and he lets players have one free spin of the (destiny) wheel each day – and if it stops on the right place, there are experience points, gold, wood, stone, items, and even mushrooms to win.

Modern or Classic
While starting as a pure browser game, fans of the Shakes & Fidget RPG have also been able to visit it while they are out and about for some time now. The Android and iOS apps were recently completely redeveloped to offer players the full convenience and functionality of the PC version. However, MMO enthusiasts without a compatible device to call their own don’t have to miss out on the adventure: The classic app from Playa Games also makes Shakes & Fidget available to play on older Android devices.

More information on all the innovations and on Shakes & Fidget the game is available on the official Facebook page and in the forum at

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