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Shadowrun Online: Nordic Games teams up w/ Cliffhanger Prod.

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Shadowrun Online

Nordic Games has announced its collaboration with Cliffhanger Productions to release the upcoming Shadowrun Online team tactical RPG. Shadowrun Online will step out of the shadows in Q2 2015 for PC, MAC and Linux.

“We are excited to cooperate with Cliffhanger Productions on multiple levels: some of us spent copious amounts of hours in the Shadowrun universe (armed with pen and paper), plus visiting Cliffhanger’s studio takes 15 minutes with public transportation to check out the latest internal build, so we can collaborate closely.”, commented Reinhard Pollice Business & Product Development Director, Nordic Games. “The former was reason enough to tackle this game together with Cliffhanger. We are currently looking at a Q2 release, but we will provide more information in the next weeks.”

“It just clicked between Nordic and us – we know and trust them to give Shadowrun the attention it deserves and we are looking forward to finalise Shadowrun Online and deliver a strategically demanding, turn-based co-op combat experience”, said Jan Wagner, co-founder of Cliffhanger Productions. “With Shadowrun Online, we put the emphasis on experiencing cataclysmic events in 2076, shaking Boston and the whole of North America, focusing the gameplay on tactical combat, truly individual characters and the team aspects of the role-playing experience. You can play the game as a full single player game, leading your team of runners into dangerous missions or you can join up with your friends or other players you meet in the game to face the dangers ahead.”

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