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Closed Beta for Hello Kitty Online Started

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Social Functions

Since Hello Kitty Online was designed to be a social game, its social functions are really what sets it apart from other MMOs. One such example of these ‘social features’ are the game’s use of player created videos and blogs. Gamers can access each others videos, blogs and send each other emails in-game just by right clicking another player. Another interesting function in the game is that players can work together to build their very own house which can be customized with hundreds of different pieces of furniture. One more ‘social aspect’ of HKO is its mini-games. Mini games act as yet another way for players to interact with each other.

Master the Trade Skills!

Hello Kitty Online seems to have a huge emphasis on crafting skills as the game has quite a bit of them. Some of the game’s trade skills include Gathering, Planting, Wood Cutting, Mining, Forging, Carpentry, Cooking and Tailoring.

Explore New Places!

Players start their adventure in Hello Kitty Online in Sanrio Harbor but can explore many different ‘real world’ locations in the game including places like Paris, London and Beijing. Each of these real world locations include famous landmarks and locations – Paris for example has the Eiffel tower.

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