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Seven Seas Saga Announces Battle of Lepanto Update

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Ahoy there matey! We be asking ye if the sailing life be for ya as JOYHUBs announces the newest upgrade to their game Seven Seas Saga. The name of the upgrade be “Battle of Lepanto”. A battle that happened in the briny sea ages ago. Players will be sailing the sea with all new ships, pirate lairs to plunder, and even more quests to sink your seadog teeth into.

(Editor’s Note: Please excuse the language of our company pirate. He’s been drinking too much of our rum and maybe a bit hard to understand. JOYHUBs is proud to announce an upgrade to their game Seven Seas Saga. The newest upgrade has allowed players more ships, quests, and pirate lairs. They will also have the level cap raised to 120.)

Argh me pet Molly has been chirping me about the new pirate lairs like “Return of the Tiger Pirates” and “Battle of Lepanto”. She’s trying to make me bonkers with squawks of treasure and new adventure. That’s why I’m telling you ‘bout it ye landlover. So she can stop talking all day about it or me men will haft to have a great meal for the night. HAR HAR HAR!


(Editor’s Note: Apologies again. We have new pirate lairs and also new ship blueprints like the Enterprise and Nautilus for players to find, build, and sail the seas for trade or war. We really hope you enjoy it.)

Thank ye for yer troubles listened to me, lad. I’d be off now before me men wonder if I’m off with another lass or drowned in the deep blue and sail away without me!

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