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Ryzom Celebrates 15th Anniversary and Announces ‘Storyline Project Team’

Ryzom 15th Anniversary image

Ryzom reaches its 15th birthday today,  and there will be celebrations in-game until September 22nd, 2019. Alongside this, they announced the creation of the ‘Ryzom Storyline Project Team’. This team will work alongside the other development teams, to ultimately enrich the game content. The aim is to steer the Ryzom ship as they move forward towards the future. Their specific goal is to help shape future game updates so that they run in parallel with the emerging storyline and give the players an opportunity for input into the outcome of events. The Ryzom team is going to select a storyline to deliver to their community through a series of updates, and some will perhaps have in-game events. These events could have players participating to influence the future of Ryzom.

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