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Ragnarok: Idle Poring Now Available

Ragnarok Idle Poring - News Thumbnail

The official Ragnarok idle game is live on mobile devices! Experience the enthralling Ragnarok Online universe anywhere in the world you go! Korean games company GRAVITY announced that it’s game was officially live today on the Apple App Store and Google Play. It’s an officially licensed mobile game in the Ragnarok Online universe, and is easily one of Korea’s most popular MMOs to date, with over 40 million players. Ragnarok: Idle Poring not only preserves Ragnarok Online’s original music, graphic style, jobs, and clothing attir but adds new features including “Pets Exploration” and “Arena”.

Active decision-making only comes up at selecting important moments during the game, freeing up the player’s time to bond with fellow gamers, making new friends, and sharing strategies/thoughts with one another.

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  • Miku Ivalice

    Where the hell is Ragnarok Dream tho?

    • Ragachak

      That’s the million dollar question. As soon as we know, you’ll know! I promise.