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Cyber Hunter Announces Their Open Beta for Android

NetEase announced today that starting today (October 19th) and going until October 26th, the Beta will be available on Android devices. Players in Argentina, Brazil, Japan, most of Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia can enter the beta and test their mettle in this futuristic battleground. Cyber Hunter is unique in their massive 6-by-6 square kilometer map, Quantum Cube Energy for building materials and combat upgrades, scalable vertical surfaces that reach the sky, and strong vehicular combat. Those interested in joining can enter the beta in the link below.

Features of Cyber Hunter:

  • Sky’s the limit: With climbing, swimming and gliding capabilities, players can take to the seas and skies to surprise their opponents from above or below, adding a whole new dimension to strategic arena gameplay. With an already sizable 6-by-6 km arena, Cyber Hunter adds new virtual terrains for players to explore, master, and use to their advantage in battle.

  • Quantum cube energy: With the help of quantum droids, players have the amazing ability to convert quantum cubes into almost anything! Whether it’s a 12 meter high watchtower, a fortress to defend teammates, or even a drone to spy on enemies, quantum cubes can be used to enhance a player’s chosen skill in combat and turn the tide for the team in battle.

  • Versatile weaponry and vehicles: With five types of weapons in Cyber Hunter(including SMG, Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, and Throwables), players can find a type and special attack that aligns with their style of play and customize its upgrades. Whether it’s upgrading a shotgun to heal teammates in friendly fire or having a grenade launcher specialize in destroying buildings, players can personalize weapons and their upgrades to suit their playstyles and complement the team. Whatever terrain the team faces, there is a car, boat or plane to help them across. But not only do these vehicles offer transport, they can also possess special abilities such as the Windrider that can transform into a plane or the Cerberus that can transform into a battle mecha!

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