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Population Zero Details Combat in Recent Blog

Population Zero combat blog

The Population Zero team released a new blog today, with a heavy focus on how combat will work on Kepler. This is on the heels of their current Closed Beta, which you can sign up for here if you’re so inclined. Players will have melee and ranged attacks to use, and weapons themselves have three styles: pointed, edged, and blunt. Your weapon of choice will differ as well, based on the attack moves, damage types, and the range you’re after. You’ll have to farm up the resources for your weapons, and as a survival game, this will surely take some time.

Combat is of course, more than what you’re wielding. The perks you’ve chosen will also have a hand in how your battles go. These perks can be permanent or temporary, and temporary perks can be lost after death. This means you simply have to be careful, which is surely easy when playing a survival game. This will give players the freedom to play how they like, with ranged attacks, combos, dashes, jump attacks, as well as dodging and blocking. Each player’s playstyle should feel unique, and tailored to them. This is a system that will take time to master, but it will be invaluable to do so.

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