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SMITE Patch 3.8 Notes – The Perfect Storm

SMITE Patch 3.8 Notes - The Perfect Storm

Today Hi-Rez revealed the patch notes for Smite patch 3.8, The Perfect Storm, hitting PTS soon.

Season Ticket

The Season Ticket is getting an update after Dreamhack, and will feature the following:

  • 8000 FP – Enigma Chest roll
  • 8500 FP – Vicious Apollo skin
  • 9000 FP – Undying Chest roll

Players will also soon be able to access a new free avatar with the code #AlliedStrong in honor of this year’s Spring Fling. New achievements are also in for Loki and Zeus.

Conquest Map Changes

The speed camp has returned to Conquest. The boar camp is removed and mana camp to moved to where it was. Boar XP increased (now on duo side) and their sound reduced. Fire elemental gives more exp, and no longer spawn once fire giant has spawned. Back harpies moved back to back, respawn times are adjusted.

The reason for these changes is that in Season 3, the Jungler has become a mid-support role. Without a speed buff, map positioning becomes a risky chore that typically doesn’t pay off. Characters like Mercury as he’s better off with speed returning. As a result the solo lane is rebalanced out now so that jungle can rotate in to take the experience.

Itemization & Other Miscellaneous Changes

  • Bloodforge – New identify (remake). 2265 gold to 2850. Power up from 40 to 75. Passive: Killing enemy god forges a shield from their blood with health equal to 200 + 10 per player level for 20s. While active you gain +20% movement speed.
  • Gem of Isolation – Gold reduction by 150.
  • Heartward Amulet – Magic Protection upped by 5 (fix).
  • Hide of Nemean Lion – Reflects damage as physical damage (tooltip fix)
  • Rod of Asclepius – Health up 50. Aura up 25% healing. Tier 2 gets 10% aura as well.
  • Runic Shield – Cost reduction by 100 gold.
  • Witch Blade – cost reduced by 150 gold.
  • Spectral Armor – Passive gains visual effect. Swirly animation.
  • Stone of Gaia – HP5 from 10 to 15.
  • Wind Demon – New Passive: Your critical hits increase your attack and movement speed by 20% for 5s. Replaces anti-heal passive.

Consumables now appear on tree to select relics.

Fixed an issue with GM messages being sent out as GM global alerts (oops!).

God Balance

  • Artemis: Hidden Trap FX more consistent across all skins.
  • Chaac: Raindance slow increased.
    • Stormcall – Increased base damage.
  • Freya: Pulse lasts 6 seconds (1 second increase).
  • Kukulkan: Power of the Wind Jewel – Issue where Kuku’s passive would not get modified by rod of Tahuti’s passive.
  • Nemesis: Scales of Fate – Increase power gain/loss from 4% to 6%.
    • Divine Judgement: Protection stealing to 50% at all ranks.
  • Raijin: Improved Quality of Life to realize his potential.
    • Percussive Storm: Projectile Speed upped by 15 to 115.
    • Thunder Crash: No longer able to be stunned/silenced once he’s invisible (stop the stutter step).
    • Taiko Drums: Time in air increased to 4.5s from 3. Reduced mobility to 40% to balance.
  • Ravana: Mystic Rush – Radius from 12 to 15. Tool Tip indicates leap instead of dash.
  • Skadi: Rune of the Hunt – Kaldr basic attack decreased by about 10% per level.
  • Vamana: Armored Umbrella – Reduced power scaling by 30%
    • Umbrellarang – Increased power scaling by 10% per hit.
  • Xing Tian: Furious Roar – Duration up to 4 seconds. But dot decreased to 3% per second. Base Damage increased late game from 100 to 210!
    • Hook Slam: Ability now roots instead of slows on the slam hit.
    • Whirlwind: Casting time upped to 1.25s. New animation. Cooldown reduced to 90s. Ability now deals 25/45/65/85/105 + 35% per hook, rotation, and throw.

God Reveal: Susano

Susanoo (spelled by Hi-Rez without the additional o) is Amaterasu’s younger brother from the same parents. A troublemaker that fights frequently with Amaterasu. In his lore, he refuses to sacrifice a child to Orochi, an eight-headed dragon. Instead he gets the dragon drunk, closes gates on dragon’s neck, and cuts off the heads.

Susano is an assassin designed to do damage safely by managing enemy movement. His kit is as follows:

Swift as the Summer Storm (Passive)
For each trained ability that is on cooldown, Susano gains bonus Movement Speed (4% per stack).

Storm Kata (Dash Special)
Susano moves thrice in quick succession; after each attack he has up to 3s to fire the next one.

  • First attack: Attacks all enemies in a cone.
  • Second attack: Attacks all enemies in a circle.
  • Third attack: Dashes forward.

Wind Siphon (Cone)
Susano commands the winds to blow, dealing damage in a cone in front of him. Enemies in the center of the attack are pulled toward him.

Jet Stream (Projectile Special)
Susano throws forward a gust of air which creates a whirlwind, dealing damage every .75s for 3s. The ability may be activated again to let Susano teleport to the whirlwind.
If the initial gust hits an enemy, the whirlwind surrounds and travels with them, and teleporting to the Enemy reduces the cooldown to 6s.

Typhoon (Ultimate)
Susano summons a hurricane at his location that pulls enemies toward the center while growing up to twice its size. Susano may activate the ability again to launch the storm in the direction he is facing, knocking up opponents in its path.

Smite Patch Notes 3.8

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